Hi I’m Danielle, welcome!

I’m a  recent grad from  University of Delaware looking for employment,
Below’s a rhyme that describes me and also (hopefully) provides enjoyment.

As a communication major, my options are broad, but I think that’s exciting.
I love meeting people, collaborating, planning/running events, and writing.

I’ve been a reporter, editor, a start-up intern, managed staff at camp and more.
I’m currently looking for a job in NYC where I can  do some things  I mentioned before.

Allow me to further explain my subheadline – I can’t throw adjectives out without facts.
I spent a semester in Granada, Spain, nannied in Paris, and in Morocco, rode camels’ backs.

I’ve  traveled to South Africa, France, Amsterdam, Portugal and Israel, too.
Hablo español et je parle français (vraiment, un petit peu).

I love the start-up culture in NYC,
Eventually, I want to run my own company.

Thank you for visiting, it brings me delight!
Contact me if you want to converse off-site.

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