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4 Signs its Time to Tweak Your Twitter

14 Nov

Twitter continues to stay on top for social networking because it offers users a platform to connect, build relationships and reveal some personality. Anyone can tweet away on this fun social networking platform. But, those who use it best realize it is an extension of themselves and ultimately, their online image. 

Most of the time, Twitter accounts are public pages that anyone can see. (Think potential employers, professors, colleagues, constituents, etc.). All the more reason to give your Twitter page a check-up.

If any of the “signs” below apply to you, you may need to tweak your Twitter.

1. Your bio could get you mistaken for a spam Twitter account.

“Smile once a day and it will all be okay ;) ”

“Partying is what I do”

“UD girl living and loving *<3*”

Ok, I made those up, but they definitely resemble some bios I’ve seen! For a website that only lets you type 140-character messages, Twitter offers a generous amount of header space. Use it to your advantage! Upload an appropriate head shot and background picture. In your bio, include specific information about yourself. You can mix some professional facts like where you go to school, your major, your internship title, and some personal information, like you love the Phillies. Use this to let people know what kind of things you will tweet about.

With a good bio, whoever’s looking at your page will see what makes you stand out and learn some solid background information. Don’t let them know too much, though.

2. Your followers know your party routine from your tweets.

Glaring grammar and spelling errors in tweets late at night, posting about partying and bars or retweeting “party” accounts are signs that you’re party-tweeting. It’s fine to party, but leave tweeting out of it. Partying is too personal for Twitter. If a potential employer knows your favorite bar after finding your tell-all Twitter page through a quick Google search, consider yourself not hired.

3. You only follow and retweet accounts like I’m Shmacked, UD Makeoutz and Condescending Wonka.

Who you follow says a lot about you, especially if you retweet or favorite their tweets. Reporters, industry leaders, politicians, companies and knowledgeable people/brands push out information all day – for free! Just click to follow them, and you will have a constant feed of important, relevant information. Plus, it looks good to follow a variety of people.

4.     It’s all about you.

a)     “Got home at 4 a.m. with 3 bruises and a cracked #iPhone #oopsididitagain!”

b)     “Just slipped on the ice #ow #slippery #fml”

c)      “OMG can’t wait for Saturday! @ally435 #weekendfun”

d)     “donuts are such a good breakfast #noshame”

Some fixes that are beneficial to followers and make you look more intelligent:

a)     Starting my day at 7 this morning, waking up an extra 10 minutes early is productive according to NYTimes (cool article here)

b)     Can’t believe there’s already ice to slip on, (link to interesting weather story)

c)      Looking forward to the PR conference this Saturday @everyone you know that’s going/want to meet (yes, #weekendfun meant PR conference)

d)     Stopped by @CafeVentana for a donut, they have done a great job re-branding. See my review here (link)

Keep your audience in mind when you tweet. Use Twitter as an opportunity to give an opinion on something worthy, show knowledge about a topic, or share something interesting or useful – like a great article or something you wrote. Also connect to others my mentioning them, retweeting and favoriting tweets. Others could be companies you want to work for, potential mentors, someone you’re trying to stay in touch with, etc. Reaching out on Twitter builds relationships, the main goal of social media.

Use this tips to be a savvy social media butterfly.

I wish you happy tweaking and careful tweeting.

How would you fix those tweets, or some of your own? What Twitter tweaks can you make?

This was originally written for PRSSA’s blog 

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