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Social media and the job hunt – LinkedIn and more

1 Feb

Information from the panel at Social Media Weekend at Columbia Journalism School: David Gaspin head of talent acquisition at TheLadders.com; Emily Meithner, president of NY creative interns (moderator); Maggie Mistal, career coach; Ronald Thomas, principal consultant at strategy focused HR


  • Have a focus. When you meet someone and they ask you like or do, don’t tell them every interest and hobby you have.
  • Follow tweets, Facebook, website of those you want to work for
  • When connecting with someone from a company you want to work for, acknowledge you know they don’t do the hiring. Try to find that person and connect with them too.
  • When connecting, think what can I offer this person? Maybe someone else’s contact information, a link to an article they’d be interested in, information about an upcoming event
  • Ask for coffee, as Thomas says, people won’t agree to lunch because they don’t know what you have to say, but everyone likes coffee!
  • Ask for a recommendation while you are at the job

On LinkedIn

  • Be relevant not redundant (the profile format on LinkedIn can make it easy to repeat credentials when filling it out, so remember to revise)
  • Belong to 5-10 groups, any more looks unfocused
  • Change the standard message when connecting to someone. It’s in personal and thoughtless. Gaspin said if he sees that, he will automatically say no.
  • Read LinkedIn Today, it shows the top shared news, and organizes it by topic so you read what’s relevant to you
  • Be active on the site (update profile, connect) even if you like your job, you never know


  • Stalk people you want to work for (frequent emails, Twitters mentions and replies, etc.)
  • Start asking for recommendations right before you’re going to quit or see a layoff coming
  • Call yourself a “social media guru, ninja, or maven”

On LinkedIn

  • First start adding credentials when you want to quit/you know you’re getting fired
  • Belong to more than 10 groups
  • Have a very long or short profile, say what’s most important and make it clear what you have accomplished and what you’re skills are