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Social Media Weekend: conference overview

30 Jan


This weekend I went to the social media conference at Columbia School of Journalism. I learned so much from top people in the industry. New sites, how Facebook is a tool for journalists, job hunting tips, blogging and how to use Twitter and LinkedIn the right way.

Top takeaways:

* Keep twitter professional, it’s business
* Show a specific focus in person and on Twitter & blogs
* Social media can be overwhelming, test new sites to see how they work for you before fully committing
* Spend time on blog posts and tweets, check grammar, use tags, links and pictures
* Keep your audience in mind when you’re active in social media, don’t bore them
* Showing your interests on social media gives you character, blogs don’t have to relate to career

I’m going through all my notes and digesting a very full 3 days of information. Look out for my posts this week about some of the topics covered.