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newarkpost  cecil whig

These are  newspapers in my college town, Newark, Del. and in neighboring Cecil County, Md. I’ve written about local elections, UD’s winter graduation ceremony, a resident who donated his brothers WWII letters to the university and more.

Screen shot 2014-03-16 at 9.17.10 PM

The University of Delaware’s independent student newspaper. I started as a reporter my freshman year in Sept. 2010, and moved up to administrative news editor and then managing news editor. I wrote more than 50 articles and editorials  during this time and pitched and edited hundreds of stories. I have won multiple awards from the Delaware Press Association for my work here.


Westchester county’s newspaper with an active online presence. I was the first digital/breaking news intern in the summer of 2012. I covered breaking news stories, taking pictures on the scene, calling information back into the office and quickly writing stories. I also assisted with research for an intern enterprising story, wrote stories for the print edition and led a double bylined story about college orientation.


The local newspaper in Scarsdale, NY. I interned here in the summer of 2011 writing numerous articles and assisting with editing the graduation supplement. After my internship, I have freelanced throughout the years while in town.


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