Administrative news

Some international students pay for admissions app help
November 2011
winner of 1st place prize in collegiate section of the Delaware Press Association Communications Contest in April 2011
Junior Haitao Zhang can hold a conversation in English, and he earned an A on his last speech for his public speaking class this semester. However, three years ago he failed his Test of English as a Foreign Language, which he took in China. His family paid a college application agency approximately $4,000 to prepare his application to the university, which included writing his essay, and he was accepted.
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Gingrich discusses brain research, disease at UD
April 2012
Instead of making a campaign stop to attract support in Delaware’s state primary on Tuesday, Republican primary candidate Newt Gingrich met with university scientists to discuss the future of brain research on Thursday. Gingrich, a former history professor at West Georgia College, met with scientists from the university and Delaware State University and other professionals in the Alzheimer’s disease research field.
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UDSIS glitch allows hundreds to register early, most schedules cleared
November 2012
Approximately 500 students who were still awake Thursday morning thought they had secured seats in classes early due to a glitch on UDSIS.
The first enrollment date for the spring semester was supposed to open at 9:15 a.m. that day, but due to an error, it was open from 12:01 a.m. to approximately 8 a.m., according to the associate registrar Suzanne Stanley. The Office of the Registrar cleared most schedules of the students who registered early. The Registrar notified these students who registered early through email that their classes were dropped, she said.
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UD marching band performs in honor of 9/11
September 2011
A decade ago, the university’s marching band collaborated with the University of Massachusetts Minutemen marching band and more than 1000 local high school students to perform “God Bless the USA” during halftime. A video of the performance, still available on YouTube shows the bands playing together as one ensemble. Some singers are seen holding each other while other performers salute the American flag as it marches through the field. As the ballad finishes, fans in the bleachers stand up chanting “USA, USA.”
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More clips
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Oct. 2012 – Harker urges faculty to think of innovative ideas

March 2012 – Poll to gauge Hen’s thoughts

March 2012 – Harker asks state for leftover funds

March 2012 – Officials propose guidelines for suspending profs

Feb. 2012 – State budget increases for fiscal year 2013

Nov. 2010 – Online readings begin to supplant textbooks

Nov. 2010 – Grant to fund new domestic violence concentration


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