City news

Alum wins city council seat
April 2012
University alumnus and Newark resident Luke Chapman won the District 5 city council seat by more than 100 votes last week in a two-candidate election. Chapman, a 28-year-old financial planner, defeated fellow District 5 resident Richard Celeste, a DuPont engineer, by a margin of 266-96 on April 10.
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City council votes to expand energy projects
April 2012
Traffic came to a standstill Monday morning when a university box truck hit a 21-year-old student on South College Avenue, according to police. The student stepped off a shuttle bus that stopped on the northbound side of the Smith Underpass at approximately 11 a.m. and crossed the street between two parked buses into the path of the oncoming truck, said Newark police spokesman MCpl. Gerald Bryda.
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Chefs open Asian-Cuban food cart
September 2011
Although it may resemble a New York City hot dog stand the new cart planted outside of Purnell offers healthy Asian-Cuban cuisine from two college friends who each have more than 20 years of culinary experience. Michael Blovad and John Pudil, co-owners and operators of The Cart at UD, cook food in a traditional food cart and have drawn attention from curious students since opening Aug. 30.
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