Smith Hall’s Starbucks is another obstruction
November 2012
Another uncalled for structure was built in the middle of an unsuspecting circle this year when Starbucks replaced Smitty’s Cafe in Smith Hall.Just like the statue in the middle of Mentors’ Circle, the coffee stand, which was also made with good intentions, obstructs traffic, is unnecessary and was a surprise to most students.When I first saw the Starbucks stand in Smith Hall, I was excited-the stand replicated the look of the real store right in the middle of an academic building. But this was at night, and my enthusiasm was short-lived.
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Going vegetarian makes for positive lifestyle change
October 2011
winner of 3rd place prize in collegiate section of the Delaware Press Association Communications Contest in April 2011
It was March of senior year in high school. Feeling antsy to leave school and ready for a change, I decided to become a vegetarian. What started as somewhat of an experiment has now become my lifestyle. Considering that October is Vegetarian Awareness Month (among 50 other causes), it seemed like a good time to share my story and hopefully make some carnivores rethink what they eat.
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