Student affairs

Student DJs mix tracks, land gigs
February 2012
Front page story
Following the likes of David Guetta, DeadMau5 and Avicii, students at the university are becoming self-taught disc jockeys and music producers, gaining a fan base and landing paid gigs. Students like junior Ryan Touhill are finding inspiration from these DJs by learning the skill and investing thousands of dollars in software, speakers and lights. Student DJs are playing at sorority and fraternity parties, campus events, local bars and clubs—and making money. They are also creating mash-ups, remixes and original songs.
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Fake Harker Twitter account generates buzz
February 2012
Last week, university President Patrick Harker tweeted about his morning to more than 1,000 of his followers on Twitter, bookending his message with the hashtag #BallSoHardUniversity.The tweet, written by a Twitter account called @FakePrezHarker, which parodies the university’s president, was a recent example of the complicated nature of the university’s social media presence. As the university continues to develop its appearance on websites like Twitter and Facebook, officials say users must differentiate the school’s actual accounts from ones that are not associated with the university.
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SGA talks student feedback, exam scheduling
March 2012
A group of mascot hopefuls gathered in the Trabant Multipurpose Room last week, where they mimed, sang, danced and even pretended to be Lady Gaga all in the hope of becoming the next YouDee or Baby Blue. Approximately 20 students, of both tall and short size, came out for the first round of mascot tryouts.
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SGA talks student feedback, exam scheduling
September 2012
Student Government Association officers announced plans to gain more student feedback and involvement at their first general meeting of the semester on Tuesday. Sophomore Megan FitzGerald, vice president of university affairs, updated members on current proposals, including the addition of security cameras to lots one, seven and 88 (the Ice Arena, Clayton Hall and the Field House), which is up for vote in October.
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